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Schedule of Topics:

Pricing Your Work

In a folder in your One Drive folder labeled yourname_pricingyourwork, place image of 2-3 examples of your work. These images should represent the spectrum of your body of work ie: small to large, lots of time or spontaneous, or differing materials. Then in a document (your choice, Excel, Word or pdf), list the sales price and the wholesale price of each piece, along with the justification for those prices.

Using what you learned in the Pricing Your Work Post, plus what you learned in the Break Even Analysis assignment, you should be able to come up with a sale price (sold through a gallery with 50% commission added), and a wholesale price (direct sale, not for commission).

*helpful tip: when you are asked for the insurance value of a work, that value is the wholesale price.

Final Images

Using what you learned in your readings about photographing your work, upload 10 high quality images of your work to your folder in the One Drive. Title this folder yourname_final images. These images should be properly lit, shot, edited and sized, and should be the best representation of who you as an artist right now.

Final Proposals

Create folder within your OneDrive folder called yourname_finalproposal

In this folder, you will place all your final documents, as pdf’s.

If your application calls for supplemental materials, or if the application calls for something other than is listed here, you will also include that information.

Also in that folder you will have another folder called yourname_images where you will place 5-7 (unless your application calls for more, in which case, you will follow the application directions) high quality images of your work, each labelled yourname_image1 etc. Images must be sized to 10″ on the longest side, 72 ppi. Media artists, include stills of your works, and links to Vimeo orYouTube files on your image lists. Also in this folder, you will place a pdf version of your image list which corresponds to your image group.


A headshot is something you will be asked for surprisingly often. It is also a great idea to have a good headshot on your instagram profile.

Here are some readings