APEX, Art Walk or Turner Exhibition Proposal

During this class, you will apply for one of the following: Commit to option on week 3 in class

APEX Are you a junior or senior looking for funding to help with your work, study abroad, or research experience? Consider applying for APEX, Alfred University’s Applied and Experiential Learning program.

Alfred Art Walk event: For those interested in practicing event planning, social practice, public art or creating a pop-up exhibition, apply to take part in an Alfred Art Walk on April 16. Alfred Art Walk takes place the Third Thursday of every month. To apply, please submit your application materials worked on in class, proposal, images etc. and include location (you must secure and confirm location of event) and contact information of venue manager. If you have trouble finding a venue, see Caitlin for options.

Turner Gallery Exhibition Proposal: Submit exhibition proposal to the Turner Gallery *Curated exhibitions preferred to solo exhibitions. Link to follow

*Global Experience: Alfred University is now affiliated with this program, so our students get a discount.  It’s still pretty expensive, but it includes housing, etc.  If students chose to use their APEX funding, it knocks a $1000 off the cost as well. About the program for Art, Art Museums and Galleries:

“To truly discover and experience all great art, you must travel aboard. With a Global Experiences’ art internship, you’ll have the opportunity to live in a fantastic new city full of art and incredible museums, all while gaining valuable work experience. An art internship can be in a wide variety of positions with that all have many different tasks. Gain a mix of skills in business management, marketing, curating, client relations, event planning, and even giving tours all while immersing yourself in an artistic environment. Have a look at our program locations and opportunities to find the perfect art internship.” “See what life is like for an art museum intern with our Snapchat Takeover! Our interns give you a glance into their daily lives and incredible host cities. “

Extra credit/ practice proposal for last year arts students. Apply for the Thayer Fellowship in the Arts/Patricia Kerr Ross Award. The application and basic instructions is available at: http://www.suny.edu/systemartprograms/ The deadline for applications is February 21, 2020.  questions: please reach out to Sara Saplin (sara.saplin@suny.edu)

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