Artist Website Research

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Choose 5 artists you admire and in your field. Each artist should be under 50 years old. (You may have to guess). A 50 year old would typically have finished undergraduate school in the late 1980’s.

Fill in the answers to the questions etc in blue:

List their names. Provide links to their websites

Go to each artist’s website and take note of how they present themselves online. Look at their statements, resumes and any written information they have available- and in what format.  If you can download any of these documents, do so and really spend some time looking at their formatting.

Compare the documents to one another. What is similar? What is different? How is one better than another?

Take note what each artist has done since finishing undergraduate school. Make a list of those things.

What did you learn about the possibilities that are out there after school? Does everyone go about it the same way?

After you look at their documents, I would like you to examine each website and take note to the layout, take note of the images, take note of how easy/ or difficult  it is to access content. Think about what you have learned so far. Think about what you have learned thus far particularly think about document Consistency  and the Julia Galloway links.

How do these websites function? List one thing that is particularly good and one thing that needs work for each artist. 

We will begin with a discussion of web design, social media and online sales so really go through these websites and learn from them!

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