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Read through the following posts: Residencies, Post-bac Programs, Graduate Schools, Employment and Internships, Grants/ Fellowships and Exhibitions. Click on the links and explore each. After reviewing opportunities:

  • Choose an opportunity you might wish to apply for.
  • submit the link, copy and paste the prospectus and fill out the timeline/plan of action using the form below. Save all into a Word (.doc) document and drop into your class OneDrive folder
  • label your document in the following way: YourName_Opp Research
  • Write a paragraph explaining why you chose this opportunity and how you feel that this is the best next step for you. Include your planned date of graduation and outline your idea of what you would like to accomplish as an artist in the next few years.


  • Provide asked for information to the right of each field.
  • Mark an “x” or “N/A” to the left of each category below. If your application does not call for everything listed, mark “N/A” to the left of the field, if it does, Mark with an “x”
  • Paste specific language from the application into your answer to the right of each field.
  • If your application asks for more information than is listed, use the “other field” to describe what is asked for.

Plan of Action Timeline

___ Application link _______

___ Application due date _______

___ Artist statement (yes or no? how long?)________

___ Project proposal (yes or no? paste specific language here)_____

___ Cover letter (yes or no?)_________

___ Letter of Recommendation/ References (yes or no? How many? letters or references?)

___ bio (yes or no? how long?)________

___ Resume/ cv (specifications) (yes or no? paste specific language) _________

___ Budget (yes or no? paste specific language)______________

___ Images (#,dimensions, submission guidelines)___________

___ Application guidelines (how to submit? Email, Slideroom, Dropbox, google drive etc) _

___ Other _________

When unsure where to start with taking your next step, it is a good idea to ask for advice. Talk with professors, Career Development Center, graduate students and fellow students. There is no complete list of all the possibilities available to you, though this blog and its links will give you a good head start. Some advice I received and I have heard others give, is to look at the resumes of those you admire to find out what might be available.

If you need advice for this part of the assignment, I would be happy to speak with you to assess what might be your best option for the class project. Please email me to set up a time to speak and I would be happy to have a phone call with you to help you decide. Before you reach out to do this, I expect that you will have read through all the material and familiarized yourself with your options.

Some questions to ask yourself:

graduate school, post bac programs, residencies and employment: Who will I be working with? If I have to move, how much do I need to save to move there?

Grants, fellowships and exhibitions: What will it take for me to complete the proposed project? Will I be able to complete this proposal in the given amount of time? Do I have a place to work and the resources I need to complete this project? Will this conflict with any other projects I might pursue in the meantime?

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