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What to Include in a contract

It is so important that you keep track of all your work, where it is, where it has been shown and what is being agreed to when signing a contract with a buyer or a gallery. Most galleries will have exhibition agreements, condition reports and sales contracts. Read through all of these carefully. Find out who is responsible for what (shipping, exhibition installation, commission % etc) You have the right to take issue with any contract you sign. If for example you are invited to be in an exhibition and suddenly find yourself responsible for shipping in both directions, you may want to raise your prices. Or, you can negotiate this with the venue or buyer.

Some other points to take note of when reading or signing contracts:

Who pays for shipping?

Who is paying for insurance in shipping?

Is the venue insured? If so, what type of insurance? Will you be compensated if your work is lost, stolen or damaged? If so, for how much of the value?

Is the venue secure?

If you have wall work- are the walls plywood backed?

Who supplies the hardware for installation?

What is the commission? What will the gallery do to earn that commission?

Contracts and Invoices:

Contract for sale template

Invoice for sale of artwork


Contract for commission of artwork

receipt of work contract

Gallery Consignment agreement

contract for exhibition

Condition Report

Artists’ checklists – These are great and so helpful. I highly suggest you download these to keep and use!

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