Read Aloud

On our facebook group page post a video.

Record this video either from your computer camera or your phone. You can post a live video directly on our facebook group page if you like, or you can upload to the page. Here’s a step by step if you have trouble.

From the blog, find your peers’ artist statements.

You will read out loud, your artist statement, and one of your peer’s statements. So- reading 2 artist statements out loud: yours and the person you are listed with below.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you hear what your statement sounds like out loud- both from you and from another person. This is tremendously helpful and I hope you take this seriously. No one likes to do this- I get it- I don’t like to either. However, I have found this to be really helpful.


Lukas/ Zach

Molly/ Tara

Ellie /Bryce


Shauna/ Mike

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