Employment/ Internship Opportunities

There are an enormous number of ways in which to find employment in the arts. Coming from an academic setting, it is easy to fall into feeling that the only way to support oneself in the arts is to get an MFA and find a tenure track teaching job. CAA is a great place to find this sort of employment. This is a paid service. The list os complete, but if you want to see the details of the job, you have to register. However, you can often find the listing in a google search by searching the Human Resources page of the institution listed on the CAA site. Some search terms which are good to include are “Employment Opportunities”  “Institution name” “title of position being offered.”

However, while indeed a great option, academia is not the only route. Check out this great poster by the University of Wisconsin which lists just some of your options. careers


Employment/ Internship Opportunities

We will discuss further in the next weeks the idea of supporting yourself as an artist. Stay tuned for “Feeding the Habit”

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